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Custom Flight Stands

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Are you flying an unofficial aircraft in the game? Need a custom flight stand showing its firing arcs and game stats? Look no further than these Custom Flight Stands. They are laser engraved and cut from 1/8" (3mm) clear acrylic. Its straight sides make it much easier to pick up and move around the gaming surface.

Follow the link below to open the Custom Flight Stand creator page. On that page you will be able to select the size base you want and adjust/add/remove firing arcs as needed. Each firing arc is controlled by three factors, Arc, Location, and Facing. Arc allows you to adjust how wide the firing arc is in degrees. A typical front firing arc for a fighter/scout is 60°. Location will allow you to move the entire arc around on the base by entering the X,Y coordinates. Most arcs will start at the center of the flight peg, which is 0,0. You can enter both positive and negative numbers. This is usually done to build bomber style bases that have multiple firing positions around the aircraft. Change the Facing entry to rotate the direction the firing arc is pointing. This entry is made in degrees, so entering 180° would point the firing arc straight back.

Custom Flight Stand Creator

Important Ordering Instructions
Once you have made all the adjustments to the base, enter the name of the aircraft this base was designed for and click the Export button. This will save a file of that flight stand to your local computer. You will need to email me that file at sales AT aerodromeaccessories DOTcom. I will use this file to make your custom base on the laser. If you would like any game stats included on the base, please list them out in that email. Since these flight stands are custom made to order, please allow up to 7 days for them to ship out.

One flight peg is required (not included) to allow the dials to stack together. You will need to clip the tip off and insert it from the bottom.