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Character Case


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  • Image of Character Case
  • Image of Character Case

Are you tired of having to reorganize all of your equipment cards any time you bump your Survivor ID card or have to slide your experience track up after killing some zombies? If so, this Character Case is for you! Spend less time fiddling with the game components and more more time playing the game.

The Character Case is laser cut from 1/8 acrylic for the best fit and durability possible.

The Case consists of three parts. The first two parts are the colored acrylic that make up the base of the Case. These are assembled before they are shipped to you. This allows the Survivor ID card to sit down in the Case. The bottom of these two layers has a circle cut out of it to allow you to easily remove the Survivor ID card when the game is over.

The third part of the Case is the clear acrylic top. This fits snugly into the colored acrylic (You can practically turn your Character Case upside down with out anything falling out or moving around). This clear sheet has cut outs that hold your equipment and weapons cards in place. It also has a circle cut out of it to place your character's miniature. This makes it easy to set your game up before hand and keep everything organized. The clear sheet also has holes cut in it along the experience tracker and additional skills.

Each Character Case comes with a set of 5 tokens to keep track of your experience level and the extras skills you have earned.